Bing can help you lose weight and stay healthy all throughout 2017

Arif Bacchus

2016 is now officially behind us and since we’re just 4 days into 2017, there is still plenty of time left to get your new years resolution up and running. So, if one of your resolutions is to stay fit or lose weight this year, you might want to turn to Bing for help.

Finding exercises on Bing

All throughout this year, Bing can help you with fitness, exercise, and healthy eating. To begin, you can search for “workouts” or “exercise” and then use Bing’s built in filters to find the perfect activity for your personal routine. Additionally, you can even search for certain foods based on your personal preferences, and then click on the “Nutrients” tab on Bing to get a preview of dietary information for that dish. And lastly, for added sense of dietary mind, you can use Bing’s calorie counter by running a search for your dish together with the total serving amount and “calories” in order to see the total calorie impact on your diet.  For instance, to find the calories in one cup of scrambled eggs, you would search “calories in one cup of scrambled eggs.”

If you’re always on the go, but still want to stay healthy you can also download The Bing app, which gives you a quick glimpse at preparation times and the calorie counts of the most popular recipes.