Bing app receives update on iOS, now at Version 5.4

Sean Michael

bing iOS update

Bing’s app for iOS has been updated to optimize cards for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, and to make it easier to clear your history. The idea of a search engine app may sound a bit odd because many search the web from within a browser but the app does have some features that separate it from an in-browser search. The Bing app has swipe gestures to navigate and gives you the option to search using your voice. It also integrates Bing translate to allow you to translate an entire page at once and bing maps to give you directions.

The update is minor but if you search for Bing in the app store you see a list of other apps made by Microsoft that are available for iOS. It’s been a drastic transition over the last two years when it comes to Microsoft having software available on rival platforms, and seeing a page full of them is evidence of that.