Bing app on iOS updated with new ways to create video lists

Michael Cottuli

If you’re an Apple fan who still likes to dabble in Microsoft’s apps, you may be happy to know that the iOS Bing app is getting an update. The update dropped a series of quality of life changes, including the ability to add video lists and the addition of warnings on malicious web pages.

Added ability to create video lists directly from video search results and music videos.
Added warnings about malicious websites, so that you can browse the internet more securely.
Added new answers for real estate. Try searching for “homes for sale + zip code”.
Fixed bugs, including an issue with certain answers not showing up properly.

The update wasn’t massive, but it provides a few extra things for Bing users that make the app just a touch better. If these looks like things you could get some use out of, you can grab the update – or the app – on the App Store right now.