Bing app on Android gets barcode scanner, restaurant search, and other cool features



Microsoft has officially launched a major update to the Bing app on Android, adding several new features making the app a must-have on an Android device. Microsoft re-built the app from the ground-up for mobile use, making it faster to find what you need. Previously, the app was in beta testing and was appearing for select Android users, causing many to become upset over the bugs. Thankfully, this new update addresses those issues.

So what’s new in this update? Instead of typing to find what you need, Microsoft has made it easier by allowing you to tap with ease to see what is close to you, what restaurants are available sorted by ratings, deals, delivery, and online reservations, as well as see movies by what’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or by genre. If celebrities or animals are your thing, you can quickly see images and videos with a tap too.

Microsoft has also added the ability to see gas prices at nearby gas stations. You can also long press the search icon until the camera and mic icons pop out. From there, tap on the camera icon allowing you to use the barcode scanner. This will allow you to see the product ratings and prices from popular stores.

Resturant searching is now easier, allowing you to narrow down results by things that are most important to you with just a tap. You can also see key information on the restaurant (including the menu and booking a table). In this view, you can pull down and see the map in full view.

Looking for a particular movie? With the new Bing app for Android, you can now see a list of movies by actor and sort by what you’re most interested in seeing on Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Grab the updated app from the download link below.