Bing app for Android gets a new look in latest update

Dennis Bednarz

Microsoft’s Bing Search app for Android has been updated today, with a redesigned look and some improvements to the homepage and other parts of the app.

The app gained some new features like translation, music search, video preview, a couple of improvements for camera search and obviously the redesign itself:

The new look reminds me a little of a mix between Microsofts Design Language 2 (MDL2) and Google’s Material Design. It has those thin lines where Material Design would recommend thick ones, but it has a lot of circles which isn’t really that common in Windows 10 which uses MDL2.

It is a welcome change and makes sure that Bing is consistent with other Microsoft Services on Android like Cortana and OneNote which use the same mixture of those two design guidelines.

Make sure to let us know if you find any changes we haven’t covered. You can download the Bing app for Android from the Google Play Store: