Bing announces the release of 290 cities of new imagery, covers Canada, France, more

Michael Cottuli

Bing Maps Australia

Bing Maps may be getting the short end of the deal amongst its competition right now – with Google’s new and improved Maps being advertised all over the place – but the Bing team certainly isn’t standing around doing nothing. 290 cities around the world have had new imagery put into Bing’s mapping tool, making the world just a little bit prettier. Highlights of the new images include Yellowknife (Canada), Cahors (France), and Iwata (Japan).

Iwata, Japan

While this is nowhere near the overhaul that Google is giving its Maps application, it’s a nice addition to an already well-working map service. We’ll keep an eye out for any more images that end up getting added to Bing Maps in the future, but this set of 290 cities should give us all plenty to look at for quite a while.