Bing AI integrated in Skype in latest Insider build

Devesh Beri

The latest Skype Insider build release notes,, are here. This build is focused on integrating AI-powered text rewrites and profile sharing. Skype also had a significant update in August this year when its users were revealed with easy file sharing.

Bing’s AI-Powered Tone Rewrites

Skype is integrating Bing’s AI technology to enhance user’s chat experience. This feature suggests smarter, snappier, or more formal rewrites as they type, helping users overcome writer’s block.

They can also select tones like Professional, Casual, or Witty and see text transformed instantly in a pop-up overlay. This overlay includes real-time progress indicators and allows users to change their minds, copy the rewrite, update text, or cancel the changes.

Profile Sharing on Skype Desktop

In the other announcement, a new share icon has been introduced next to the Profile header in the MePanel, making the profile on the desktop more straightforward.

Sharing Skype profiles on desktop has become more straightforward. A new share icon is next to the Profile header in the MePanel. Clicking it opens the Share Profile panel, making profile sharing easier with just a click.

Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes

The update also includes fixes for issues like sign-in problems after receiving a call with the Skype app closed on iOS, saving login credentials, and improving accessibility by syncing screen reader labels with visible text for ‘Skype to Phone’ in Settings.

Remember that these features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days, so if you don’t see them immediately, they should become available soon.