Bing Ads releases remarketing exclusions to finely target audiences

Jack Wilkinson

Bing Ads Logo

Bing Ads has updated its Remarketing feature to allow advertisers to more finely tune target their preferred audiences. Remarketing allows advertisers to target ads to people who have previously completed an action, such as view the advertisers’ website or made a purchase previously.

With this update, advertisers are now able to exclude users who they do not wish to see their ads. Microsoft provides some examples of when advertisers may want to exclude certain types of users from seeing their ads:

  • If you have a campaign set up to generate new sign-ups, you may want to exclude existing customers from this ad campaign.
  • If your type of business or service entails a long commitment from your customers, then recent customers may not be in the market to buy again for a while, like with buying a car or home.
  • If you want to focus an ad campaign on a specific stage of the customer purchase experience – for example, with customers who added items to a cart but have not yet made a purchase. In that case, you could use a combination of targeting associations and exclusions to focus on just those users.
  • If you want to convert free trial users to paid customers, you can exclude customers who are not approaching the end of their trial period for that ad campaign.

This appears to be a win-win for advertisers and users of Bing, as it means more relevant ads for the user and, hopefully, increased conversion rates for the advertiser.

To find out how to add remarketing exclusions, take a look at Bing Ads’ guide here.