Bing Ads performance reporting has been down for 2 days

Arif Bacchus

What is causing outage problems at Bing Ads? That is the question that Bing Ads engineers are working to fix.

According to Bing Ads, as of 6:15 this morning reporting was delayed by 43 hours and counting. This means that performance data is not flowing, and advertisers have no visibility into campaign performance, impressions, click, conversions, and SPEND.  This also means that all components of the Bing Ads platform are affected, including the API, Web UI, Bing Ads Editor and Mobile apps.

The Bing shopping catalog is also hit by the outage, and is roughly two days behind. Billing information is also impacted by the issue “and might not show the exact value” in the reporting interfaces while the issue persists.

There is no immediate answer as to what the problem is, but the most recent update from the team at 6:15 explains that,“Engineering teams are seeing some processing improvements in systems after deploying a fix”

With the outage comes frustration from customers, and the Bing Ads social media team has been responding to tweets from angry customers.

You can stay updated on the situation by visiting the incident report on the Bing Ads Blog.

(via Search Engine Land)