Bing Ads partners with adMarketplace to extend advertiser reach

Vu Anh Nguyen

The Bing Ads team has taken to their official blog today to announce their partnership with leading search monetization platform adMarketplace.
The “strategic agreement” between the two ad platforms will see Bing advertisers having access to aMarketplace’s vast network of digital search properties, with paid Bing Ads available to publisher partners and shown to millions of users outside of search engines.
To highlight the importance of the news to Bing Ads users, adMarketplace also mentions its new partnership with the world’s largest healthy lifestyle media company, Rodale, owners of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention and Runner’s World to serve paid advertising to its digital properties, in its own anouncement post. Together, these two partnerships will surely open up many lucrative new opportunities for Bing advertisers outside of search, which the post mentioned as “increasingly fragmenting.”