Bing Ads now offering 'image extensions' for advertisers

Kareem Anderson

The Bing Ads team has recently added image extensions to its repertoire of tools available to advertisers. Starting today, advertiser utilizing the Bing Ad platform will now be able to upload six images alongside their ad copy and or extensions.
The new addition will work for image-based ads served on both PC and tablets within the Bing network. In addition to adding the image extension, the Bing Ads team is also working on enabling bulk upload capabilities as well as Editor support for the newly added image extensions. Initially, image extensions will be limited to a handful of sizes and aspect ratios.
Image extensions will also need to follow audio, video, ‘mature’ content editorial guidelines, according to Microsoft. For more on those, Microsoft provides informative guidelines here. While the initial batch of image extensions rules may be a bit restrictive for some advertisers, the Bing Ads team ensures it is working on multiple-image layouts and combinations of display texts.
As mentioned earlier, advertisers should see the image extension addition show up in their dashboard today or tomorrow at the latest.