Bing Ads listens to feedback, improves in 5 key areas

Laurent Giret

Since Microsoft launched its Bing Ads UserVoice website some time ago, the team used all the feedback to make some important changes to the product. Today, a new blog post on the Bing Ads blog looked back at five key areas where the product has received significant improvements since January.

First of all, the Bing Ads Editor finally lets customers make changes in bulk, using the improved left-hand navigation menu to select multiple campaigns or ad groups. The new Bing Ads Editor also makes it possible to make bid adjustments by device type directly within the main screen, something that many users have been asking for.

To improve reporting, the main Bing Ads grid now features the impression-share report, which makes it easier to see at a glance how often your ads appear in search results compared to your competitors. Additionally, customers are now notified when various issues cause some of your ads to lead to 404 error landing pages.

For customers that needed more flexibility, Bing Ads now provides more targeting options, including mobile only bidding capabilities. The team also received a lot of feedback about the monthly budget option, which led the product to migrate to daily budgets in April.

Moving on to billing management, customers using monthly invoice accounts can now use different columns in the Insertion Order (IO) and Billing Grids to find what they’re looking for. Moreover, Bing Ads now notifies customers when their IO balance is getting depleted, or when the credit card is due to expire.

Billing management in Bing Ads.

Last but not least, Sitelink Extensions management has been improved in two ways: it’s now possible to associate 20 sitelinks to  Bing Ads campaigns, and customers can also provide start and end dates for all ad extensions.

The team is well aware that it still has some work to do to improve the experience for Bing Ads customer, that’s why you’re still invited to share your feedback on the uservoice website. If you’re willing to participate, it’s a good idea to start by checking the list of items that the team is currently working on.