Bing Ads launches a new visualization tool for advertisers

Brad Stephenson

bing 10

Bing Ads Marketplace Trends, a new interactive visualization tool from Bing Ads, has just launched and aims to provide even more nuanced insight for advertisers using the Bing Ads service. Bing Ads Marketplace Trends collates a variety of data and displays it in an easy to understand visual format which should hopefully allow users to better understand their target demographics and pay-per-click advertising campaign successes.
p>An example of the sort of data Bing Ads Marketplace Trends can display is volume trends related to device targeting or ad scheduling and location targeting trends which can be filtered by cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR).
The Bing Ads platform has seen a lot of fine-tuning recently. In July the search engine began providing marketers with access to Bing search stats in the U.S.A. and also improved its overall age and gender-based ad targeting. In addition to this, Bing Ads launched their newly redesigned official iOS app earlier this month and have has also revealed plans for an Android version in the near future.
The Bing Ads app allows users to view campaign, ad group, text ad, or keyword performance graphs, view two metrics at a time such as clicks and conversions, and enlarge any of the performance graphs by changing the phone’s orientation to horizontal or by tapping the icon in the bottom right.
Is there anything you’d like to see the Bing Ads team work on next? Do you think there needs to be some more fine-tuning to the service or should there be some more sweeping, bigger changes that go beyond stat visualizations and graphical displays? Share your thoughts with us and other WinBeta users in the comments below. Bing Ads is an aspect of Microsoft that doesn’t seem to get too much coverage. If you’d like to see more articles about it, feel free to let us know down below.