Bing Ads for iOS is now available worldwide with an Android app coming soon

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: BingAds

Microsoft may have stepped back from housing its in-house Bing display advertising, but the company is still moving ahead with ads for Bing. Microsoft is also pushing ahead with offering advertisers a mobile way to track their Bing analytics with Bing Ads for iOS.

Microsoft announced today the release of a redesigned Bing Ads for iOS available worldwide as well the planned release of an Android equivalent app soon. We reported on the original release of Bing Ads for iOS back in April of this year. Back then the app offered iOS users the ability to view the performance of their accounts, edit budgets, pause and enable campaigns as well as receive notifications. Also, reported in April, the apps availability only extended to the US with plans to eventually expand to more markets.

Today’s update not only extends Bing Ads for iOS to a worldwide audience but brings some new features to the app.

Here’s a recap of what’s new in Bing Ads for iOS:

  • See performance graphs at any level: campaign, ad group, text ad, or keyword.
  • Select up to two metric tiles above any performance graph to view performance data for two metrics at a time. For instance, you can see how your clicks and conversions trend over a period of time.
  • Enlarge any performance graph by changing your phone’s orientation to horizontal or tapping the icon in the bottom right.
  • Learn everything about Bing Ads for iOS on our website.

Image Credit: BingAds

In today’s announcement, Microsoft also made references to a Bing Ads for Android app nearing a limited ‘English markets’ release in the coming weeks. Currently, Microsoft is looking for eager Android users to participate and help pilot a new Android version program.

Microsoft also includes a helpful tip to get Bing Advertisers using an iOS device to get started with the new app.

“For those who are hearing about our #bingads iOS app for the first time, we encourage you to add it to your #sem #paidsearch utility belt so you can quickly monitor and check your campaigns whenever you take a break from checking in on #ppcchat.”