Bing Ads Editor updated to version 10.9.1

Arif Bacchus

Bing Ads Logo

The team over at Bing Ads have announced an update to the Bing Ads Editor. In part, due to user feedback, the update brings the editor to version 10.9.1 and gives rise to several new features and performance enhancements.

The biggest part of the update is support for Bing Native Ads, which are ads where the subject and design are relevant to the pages they are displayed upon. In the new release and updated version of the Bing Ads Editor, a user can now quickly make Native Ads bid adjustments to their campaigns and ad groups directly from the edit panel or grid. It is worth noting that this feature is being rolled out gradually to maintain an optimal user experience, so not all users will see it right away.

Improvements in editorial messaging also come with the update. Now, if ads, keywords or ad extensions are disapproved, a user will get a link to the most relevant editorial policy page.

Performance enhancements also come as part of the update, and now importing ad extensions is now five times faster.

As much as the update had added, the new version of the editor has removed Content Ads for non-US customers. These type of ads made up for less than 2% of traffic, and as part of Bing Ad’s efforts to ensure high-quality traffic, the feature has just been shuttered.