Bing Ads delivers first ever 3D ads to desktop search, for Samsung Galaxy S10

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft is getting ready to test something new on Bing for desktop users—3D ads (via Search Engine Land). To start, the company has partnered with Samsung to give users a 3D rendering of its newest S10 series of phones, as well renderings for the Galaxy S9’s for those who search for them.

It’s certainly an interesting way to target ads, nonetheless, and a method Microsoft says is exclusive to their platform. We’re not able to see the ads on our end, but the gist is that users will have full control to move, rotate, and zoom in and out of the 3D renderings straight from the full-screen popup windows. Microsoft’s Ravleen Beeston, head of Search Advertising in the UK, said in a statement:

“These new 3D ads, unique to Bing, herald a new era of search advertising when it comes to displaying products through desktop search since they complement and enhance the experience for consumers looking to engage with a product.”

The ads will also be powered by Performics, a marketing agency of Stardom, and will be exclusive to desktop users for the time being. As far as how it coming to mobile users or other details regarding the ads, Microsoft isn’t ready to share any other details at the moment, telling SEL that: “We’re constantly updating and testing new features as part of our goal to provide the best user experience, and have nothing further to share at this time.”

Either way, being able to see a 3D rendering of a product could potentially be a more effective way to reach consumers. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see how this all works.