Bing Ads add big improvements to Conversion Tracking

Kareem Anderson

It might be safe to say that online marketing and advertising is reaching a maturation point. The wild west days of shotgun marketing on the web are quickly coming to an end. Companies and brands are transitioning from tossing gobs of money at search engine providers and ad networks, to looking into more sophisticated ad tools that help establish a better return on investment (ROI).
In light of this, Bing Ads has made some significant improvements to its conversion tracking tools. The improvements are another step to help advertisers transition to Microsoft’s Universal Event Tracking. Universal Event Tracking records what customers are doing on a website, giving advertisers a better understanding of how things are being searched.

Ever since we first launched Universal Event Tracking, we have been carefully listening and continuously incorporating your feedback into our product. As part of this ongoing effort, we are thrilled to announce major improvements to conversion tracking in Bing Ads.”

According to the Bing Ads team, “By installing a single tag across the site, advertisers can begin collecting data on visitors’ activity while there.” Advertisers that are new to this type of tracking will find simplified workflows and comprehensive documentation within the update. The update also includes more controls and insights for advertisers to utilize when tracking revenue associated with conversions. Other features include inline alerts and additional options for counting and charting purchased or unique lead conversions from a website.

Alongside the feature updates to conversion tracking, UET Tags, Account level conversion goals, and Custom event types, the Bind Ads team is also issuing an alert about a campaign tool shut down.
The Bing Ads team also reminds users that Campaign Analytics will be closed down in the coming months. The team strongly recommends users migrate over to UET based conversion tracking as soon as possible.