Bing adds real-time Twitter feed


For those wanting to have real time Twitter updates when using Bing News, fear not, we finally have this neat little feature available for us to use.

As The Bing Team reports, Microsoft has been hard at work to create and introduce a better social experience when using Bing. “We have been working hard to help customers make more informed decisions in search by surfacing the kind of information you can only get from your friends, often in real-time. Today, we are pleased introduce two new ways to experience Twitter and Facebook on Bing.”

Among the new features is the ability to see the latest Tweets next to your news articles. “Awhile back we introduced Bing social which lets you plunge into the real-time tweet stream to uncover the latest updates on the Web. This week we took it a step further by integrating some of this real time social data into Bing news.”

Another neat feature is “Liked Results.” Essentially, if you’re signed into Bing and Facebook, you can highlight links your friends have publicly liked or shared via Facebook directly in the search results.

You can now post “whats on your mind” when it comes to movies, video games, or music. With just one click, you can easily share your artist, now you share your thoughts with just one click.

Still no work yet on HTML5. Any day now, Bing, we all want HTML5 support.