Bing adds "Menu Favorites" to mobile search results for restaurants

Mark Coppock

If you’re looking for a good place to eat, you have lots of choices in apps and services to help you pick the right location. Yelp is one, Zomato Is another, and Foursquare rounds out perhaps the most popular. But Bing wants to help consolidate and refine your foodie searches in one place, to help you pick the right place to eat more easily than ever. Today, the Bing blog highlights one specific new Bing function, “Menu Favorites,” that aims to help you more quickly discern what a restaurant has on its menu.
To start, go to on your smartphone and type in a restaurant. Note that the concept here isn’t free-form restaurant search, but rather seeing what’s on the menu for a specific venue. And, not all restaurants will return Menu Favorites, but here’s an example of one that does:

Bing Menu Favorites
Bing will now show you Menu Favorites at many of your local restaurants.

Click on a menu item, and you’re taken to the reviews that back them up.
Bing Menu Favorites Source Reviews
Click on a menu item, and you’ll see the reviews that generated a favorite.

It’s not a huge update, but it does make choosing a restaurant that much easier. And when you’re hungry and short on time, isn’t that what you really need?