Bing adds guitar tuning and a metronome to its growing list of features

Staff Writer

In a world where search companies are constantly trying to outdo each other, Bing may soon be able to put some distance between it and its competitors with two new tricks. Bing’s new feature arsenal comes by way of two interns working on new hacks for Bing. Meet Cassie and Olivier, two interns with a passion for music. While interning at Microsoft over the summer, the two developed guitar tuner and metronome for Bing.
Thanks in part to Cassie and Olivier’s work, musicians using Bing can simply search Bing for guitar tuner and metronome, and the nifty tools will appear at the top of the search results. Guitar tuner shows some buttons that can be clicked to hear the correct sound of each note. Once the guitar is tuned, a musician can then keep a beat with the metronome tool. Both tools have a plethora of options to help musicians get just the right sound.
Using interns sometimes helps bring new ideas and a vitality that energizes a company. Perhaps, with the publishing of these tools to Bing, Microsoft is seeking to utilize fresh ideas from its interns. Who knows, they may end up working for Microsoft in the future.