Bing adds currency conversion for Bitcoin


Bing adds currency conversion for Bitcoin

While there are numerous financial websites that can be used to convert between currencies, most people turn to their favorite search engine to get the job done quickly. Bing has long supported currency conversion and now there is a new option to work with — Bitcoin. This online, digital currency is yet to take the world by storm, but it has certainly generated a great deal of interest.

Using the three letter currency code BTC, converting to and from Bitcoins is as easy and converting between any other currency. Want to know how many Bitcoins $1 million will buy you? Just use the search term “1m usd btc” and you’ll discover that you can exchange your real-world greenbacks for 1,506.20 Bitcoins in the virtual realm.

The new conversion tools comes thanks to Bing joining forces with Coinbase, an online wallet that can be used to buy, use and accept Bitcoins.

At the moment, Bitcoin conversion via Bing search is available to users in US, Australia, Canada, India and the UK, but there are plans to roll it out to other territories in the coming weeks.

Head over to and try it out for yourself.