Bill Gates thinks the world is getting better, and he’s got a new game to prove it

Laurent Giret

Since he created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation back in 2000, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been acknowledged as a dedicated philanthropist, making generous donations to charitable organizations and showing his interest in several scientific research programs. After years of philanthropic work, Gates remains completely convinced that getting involved can make a difference in the world we live in, and he’s still optimistic about the future.

“By nearly every measure the world is a better place to live than ever before,” claimed Gates in his latest personal blog post earlier this week. “And yet, many people think the world is falling apart,” he added, as if we failed to recognize all the innovations that can make our lives better. He continued:

I think one big reason that people are pessimistic about the future is that they don’t account for the power of innovation. They simply extrapolate from what is going on today and don’t consider how new innovations and insights can fundamentally shift the trajectory of a current trend. “

To help you see what’s “hidden in plain sight,” Gates is inviting you to play a game of hide and seek to see if you can spot the some of the innovations that change the lives of many people around the world. The game is actually a 360 degrees video that you can watch with a VR headset if you have one, but it also work on computers and mobile devices (you can drag your mouse around the screen to look around on PC, and you can use touch or move around your phone or tablet to do the same on mobile).

We won’t spoil you the experience, but you’ll have to listen to the clues that Gates will give you to find these innovations that are not necessarily technological breakthroughs, but which still make a big impact. If you don’t find out, don’t worry, Gates will give you all the answers at the end. The whole experience is very instructive and, dare we say, a fun way to educate yourself. Keep up the good work, Mr Gates!