Bill Gates talks about guest-editing WIRED


Bill Gates talks about guest-editing WIRED

Bill Gates is a man who will forever be associated with Microsoft, but in more recent years he is better known for his philanthropy and charity work. But now he has added a new string to his bow, taking on the role of guest editor of WIRED for the magazine’s December issue. On his website, The Gates Notes, Gates talks about his experiences.

Celebrities donning the editor’s cap for an issue is not completely unknown, but bagging a name such as Gates is quite a coup. As Gates himself points out, he and the magazine are a good match because of WIRED’s “focus on technology and innovation”.

Talking to the Financial Times recently, Gates had already expressed his believe that helping the poor is more important than technology, but he found that the role of editor at WIRED enabled him to combine the two.

“The WIRED audience was a great group to continue that dialogue. They’ve already got a bias toward technology and innovation. Could I convince them to channel some of that capacity for the poor?”

Gates penned an essay for the magazine in which he talks about the fight against poverty around the world. The essay, the magazine and the blog post all make for interesting reading, and go to show that there really is much more to Bill Gates than Windows.