Bill Gates shows his support for Windows 8 and Surface tablet, believes they are doing well


Windows 8

With all the negative criticism floating around the internet for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and the company’s Surface tablet, Microsoft’s very own (former-CEO) Bill Gates has shown his support for the two new products from Microsoft.

“Windows 8 has done well,” Bill Gates stated in an interview. “Surface computer is doing well.” While this isn’t much to go by, it’s nice to see Microsoft’s former CEO and part-timer show his support for the two products that are seeing some heavy criticism as of late. When asked if Bill gates might make a full time return to the company, he mentioned that he had no plans. While there isn’t specifics on how well Windows 8 or the Surface has done in the market, one thing is for sure. Thanks to Windows 8, Microsoft has earned $5.88 billion in revenue during Q4 of 2012 in just the Windows Division. In fact, that’s a 24% increase in revenue from the prior year period.