Bill Gates doing the Secret Santa thing again for a lucky Redditor

As the saying goes, its better to give then to receive and Bill Gates is one who loves to give. Each year Reddit hosts a global Secret Santa program, allowing Redditors around the world to secretly send each other gifts. Receiving gifts from an unknown source is always fun and surprising, but to have Bill Gates as your secret Santa, like Redditor NayaTheNinja, is even more surprising.
For the past few years, Bill Gates has made it a habit of getting involved with Reddits Secret Santa program. Being an avid hiker and camper, Naya received some awesome camping gear, traveling journals and hiking equipment from Mr. Gates. However, it was one certain gift that would lend Naya and the world to know exactly who her Secret Santa was.
Bill Gates Secret Santa
Helping a friend in Peace Corps with service in Zambia, Naya came to understand the magnitude of the malaria disease effecting the people of that country. Bill Gates taking notice of her story and also being a  huge philanthropist helping to rid many countries of such diseases, made a donation to the organization called Malaria No More, an organization dedicated to wiping out the disease.
With the Holiday season in full swing, Secret Santa’s gifting fellow friends and family, its a pleasure to know that someone like Bill Gates finds the time to be actively involved in our community, making contributions to world causes.