Bill Gates retains title of world’s richest person with $78.5 billion


Bill Gates retains title of world's richest person with $78.5 billion

It’s no secret that Bill Gates isn’t short of a dollar or two. Truth be told, he really isn’t too badly off at all. Oh, OK… he’s completely rolling in money! Earlier in the year he managed to regain his title of being the world’s richest person, and throughout 2013 the Microsoft founder’s fortunes have continued to grow.

Over the last twelve months, Gates’ coffers have swelled by $15.8 billion, increasing his fortune to a staggering $78.5 billion. While usually associated with Microsoft, Gates has also invested in a number of other companies that have helped to increase his worth. In fact less than a quarter of his fortune is invested in Microsoft.

But a 40 percent increase in Microsoft’s share prices certainly helped contribute to his fortune, and shares in Ecolab Inc. and Canadian National Railway Co. also added to the cash pile.

But of course, Bill Gates does not just sit back and watch the cash roll in — he is well known for his philanthropic ventures. In fact he has donated a mind-blowing $28 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.