Bill Gates makes some big moves, donating $4.6 billion and joining Instagram

Kareem Anderson

Retirement isn’t always an easy transition for workers, managers or even CEOs, however, it seems to be suiting former co-founder of Microsoft and world’s richest man Bill Gates well.

Even as Gates carves out a second career in his retirement as one of the world’s most devoted philanthropist, he’s made news by hosting several Ask Me Anything threads on Reddit, granting a few lucky individuals gifts through out the year as a secret Santa as well as continuing to divest his considerable wealth made as CEO of Microsoft.

Gates made news once again as he signed the check for staggering $4.6 billion gift to arecipient that wasn’t initially identified but widely expected to be his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, according to Bloomberg news. The $4.6 billion was gifted in the form of 64 million Microsoft shares back on June 6, 2017, however, we’ve only been made privy to the exchange thanks to a recent Securities & Exchange Commission filing.

While most still have their jaws laying on the floor at the amount Gates recently donated, keep in mind, the former Microsoft CEO routinely purges himself of portions of his wealthy war chest. Last year, Gates donated another Microsoft share sell off worth $16 billion to charity.

Dropping Scrooge McDuck like change and protecting the world from malaria isn’t the only thing Gates has been up to either, recently he caught the social media bug and joined Instagram.

For some one preoccupied with saving the world, Gates’ time on Instagram will most likely be a curated story telling experience that helps put a focus on the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but even Gates has to post the occasional foodie pic.


Hello from Tanzania, Instagram! I just had a great lunch with some amazing kids at Kicheba Primary School in Muheza and met Upendo Mwingira, a remarkable physician who has dedicated her career to fighting neglected tropical diseases. Melinda and I have been coming to Tanzania for many years now. I always love seeing how much progress the country has made to improve health and provide opportunity. Plus, the scenery is stunning. Whenever I travel to places like this, I wish others could come along and meet the people I get to meet. I have no doubt it would leave them as optimistic as I am about progress happening around the world. I’ll be sharing photos from my adventures here on Instagram, and I hope you’ll follow along.

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Perhaps this will prompt his buddy and former 2nd in command Steve Ballmer to eventually join Instagram as well. We can only hope.