Bill Gates to defend Microsoft in Novell court case

Zac Bowden

Bill Gates will be defending Microsoft at the Novell antitrust court-case on Monday. The company is attempting to get a billion dollar antitrust case, which was filed by Novell, and dismissed by a federal court in Salt Lake City.

The hearing started about a month ago, Microsoft will defend itself again antitrust allegations, which date back to the 1990’s. Novell sued Microsoft in 2004, saying that Microsoft had violated U.S. antitrust laws.

Desert News says that Novell released an email that was sent from Microsoft CEO and chairman in 1994, the email claims that Microsoft thought to delay the release of Windows 95, which would keep the company’s word processing and speadsheet application from gaining any marketshare. Novell is seeking $1.2 billion in composition, for what they think they have lost.

Microsoft is rejecting these claims and on Friday asked a judge to dismiss the entire case. Microsoft says that they didn’t install the word processing application because it was unstable and would not be fixed in time for the release of Windows 95.