Bill Gates to appear at Microsoft-Novell Windows 95 antitrust case


Microsoft’s co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates is expected to make an appearance in an antitrust case against Novell. Gates is currently on the witness list for the case and is expected to testify on behalf of his company in an old antitrust case that deals with Windows 95.

Apparently, Novell claims that Microsoft purposely delayed releasing Windows 95 in order to harm Novell’s WordPerfect application software business, back in the 1990s, in an attempt to crust the competition when it came to the Office Productivity market. Microsoft, however, continues to argue that the delay had nothing to do with Novell, instead, was because the company needed more time to decide on what features to include in the operating system.

On top of that, Novell also sued Microsoft for violating antitrust laws by having arrangements with other computer makers. Those allegations were dropped, except for a few, which include the delayed releasing of Windows 95.

The court proceedings will take place in a Utah courtroom and is expected to last at least eight weeks. Novel is looking for over $2.5 billion dollars in monetary damages from Microsoft.