Big Rocket League update coming in September, watch the trailer here

Arif Bacchus

rocket league on dying light

If you’re a fan of Rocket League you may want to prepare yourself for a big game update next month. The physics-based vehicular soccer video game is set to get a new game mode in September which sill bring new content and power-ups to the pandemonium within the game.

Titled “Rocket League Rumble,” the new and Free game mode will let you compete in epic battle royales with random and hilarious power-ups. Similar to the other Multiplayer modes which previously came to the title, Rocket League Rumble will appear in Online Playlists and Private and Exhibition matches. There is a total of 11 powers within the new game mode, and according to the developer Psynoix, the powerups include:

  • The Boot (Kick’s an opponent’s car)
  • Disruptor (Forces the opponent to drive uncontrollably)
  • Freezer (Freezes the ball in place)
  • Grappling Hook (Pulls you toward the ball)
  • Haymaker (Punches the Ball)
  • Magnetizer (Attracts the ball to your car)
  • Plunger (Grabs the ball via plunger and cord)
  • Power Hitter (Hits everything harder)
  • Spike (Staches the ball to your car when you bump into it)
  • Swapper (Change posistions on the field with your opponent)
  • Tornado (Sweeps up the ball and cars into a giant funnel cloud)

Psynoix did not mention an exact launch date, but does promise that Rocket League Rumble will launch in September. However, when an official launch date does get announced, we will be here to cover it for you. So, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @OnMSFT, and continue telling us your thoughts on all things Rocket League by dropping us a comment below.