Big ReCore video game announcement coming this weekend

Brad Stephenson

ReCore Definitive Edition on Xbox One and Windows 10

A big announcement concerning the Xbox ReCore video game is planned for August 20th, this weekend, according to a new tweet from the official ReCore Twitter account.

While no details have been revealed, the tweet was accompanied by an image of the game’s protagonist riding the Tank, a robot which has been promised to come to the game in a future update. This future update will likely be the recently leaked ReCore: Definitive Edition which will see the main game update to this newer version with additional content and a variety of fixes for the bugs that have frustrated players since the initial launch. Given that ReCore is published by Microsoft Studios, it’s also possible that this upgrade to the Definitive Edition could bring 4K support to the game when played on the Xbox One X console as well.

ReCore is an action adventure and puzzle Xbox Play Anywhere video game which means that buying it on Xbox One will unlock the Windows 10 version and vice versa. Gameplay progress and Xbox Achievements also carry over between each version.

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Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free