Beware of this bug with Outlook PDF preview relating to Microsoft PowerToys

Kevin Okemwa


If you are using Microsoft Outlook and have encountered the error “This file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it” when trying to preview a PDF attachment, there could be possible workarounds that will help you bypass this issue. Microsoft released PowerToys 0.56.2 to fix bugs affecting its stability earlier this month.

Microsoft addressed the issue by warning users and outlining the possible causes of the problem. The main one is the incompatibility of the Adobe Acrobat Reader with the Outlook desktop app. In most scenarios, users installed a Reader that did not share the same bitness (32 bit or 64 bit) as Outlook, thus prompting the issue.

The other issue highlighted that could possibly be causing the problem is installing Microsoft PowerToys, which in return overrides the default PDF Preview setting. Microsoft went ahead to provide workarounds for both issues. For instance, Microsoft recommends, restoring the default settings by disabling the Enable PDF (.pdf) preview function which will then allow users to preview attachments as usual.

Disaisable PDF preview function

Be sure, to go through the document provided to get a more detailed account of the workarounds.