Better hurry! Microsoft is offering a free Lumia 520 with select AT&T phones


Better hurry! Microsoft is offer a free Lumia 520 with select AT&T phones

The Cyber Monday deals continue, but in most cases your time is running out. Microsoft has deals of its own available in both its online and brick and mortar stores, and, unlike Amazon, the deals don’t go on all week, so you’ll need to get moving.

Today, Microsoft is offering a free Nokia Lumia 520 with any purchase of select AT&T Windows Phones. There are four handsets eligible for this deal, including the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020, both of which retail for $199, but also the $49.99 Lumia 925 and Samsung Ativ S Neo are in on the bargain. There are, of course, the usual array of stipulations involved, as there frequently is with such offers.

The deal is available today only, and Microsoft points out that this is also only while supplies last — so far those seem to be holding out. The company also warns “available in select Microsoft online stores in US (including Puerto Rico). Customers must purchase new AT&T Windows 8 Phone with a qualifying new or renewal AT&T contract or upgrade (2 years) to qualify for offer”. No real surprises in any of that. Microsoft does have a generous four-per-person limit, though.

If you were looking to get a new Windows Phone, and meet the necessary requirements, then today is the perfect time to take the plunge. Free phones are always a nice find, especially when more than one family member is in need. You do have to put up with the usual terms, but if you can live those, then get moving.