Microsoft to enhance the gaming experience in Edge with this neat feature soon

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft hasn’t been shy about pushing updates to its browser Edge. In the past, we’ve seen the company shipping nifty gaming features to its browser, particularly in the Canary or Dev versions of Edge as well as Windows 11 to further enhance gameplay for users.

Neat features such as Clarity boost and Efficiency mode are designed to “bring gaming to everyone.” The former is in place to enhance gameplay in Xbox Cloud Gaming by making the video game look sharper and clearer when using Edge while the latter helps keep maintain high gaming performance by reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched.

Building on this premise, Microsoft seems to be testing a new feature in Microsoft Edge’s Canary Channel that’s also designed to enhance the gaming experience in Edge as spotted by Leopeva64 on Twitter.

The feature dubbed “Edge for Gamers” when enabled in the Appearance page in the Edge settings reportedly redirects you to the themes section in Microsoft’s Add-on Store.

You’ll notice that both Discord and Twitch are also added to the Sidebar in Edge automatically. And while you can already do this by yourself, Microsoft is making it easier for gamers to interact and share their gaming experience all within the Edge browser.

The new feature also enables dark mode in Edge as well as the Efficiency mode automatically to further enhance the gameplay experience. It seems that the feature is currently in A/B testing since not everyone in the Canary Channel can assess this feature.

It’s likely that Microsoft is still working on this feature and that more enhancements as well as enhancements will be incorporated into the feature.

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via Windows Report