Bethesda starts revoking early Starfield access to leakers

Robert Collins

Starfield Screen Shot 8 Custom

Starfield is only a couple weeks from launch and some lucky few have granted early access review codes for the game.

As per usual those who are given early access are under an agreement not to disclose strictly embargoed information on games before their release, such as screen captures and the like. Unfortunately, bad actors choose to ignore this agreement from time to time and thus, leaks occur.

Such seems to be the case with Twitch streamer Tyler McVicker, who has apparently had his Starfield access revoked.

As reported by Xfire, McVicker’s offense was merely sharing some positive impressions of the game’s first 15 hours or so. In his remarks McVicker hinted that Starfield was uncharacteristically (for Bethesda) bug-free experience, echoing what Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has previously claimed.

McVicker is hardly the only perpetrator here, though. A slew of Starfield-related leaks have occurred recently from multiple sources. This in addition to a brewing review-bombing campaign explicitly in the works from those who are displeased that Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive.

Needless to say some at Bethesda Game Studios have expressed exasperation with the leaks, as with Senior PR Director Matt Frary.

At least we won’t have to worry about leaks for much longer, as Starfield will release on September 6 on Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. It will be available day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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