Bethesda releases DOOM Bloodfall, the latest multiplayer DLC update is available now

Arif Bacchus

Bethesda has officially announced the third and final DLC pack for DOOM. Titled “Doom Bloodfall,” and available for the price of $14.99, or as part of the DOOM Season Pass, the pack brings three new maps, a grenade launcher, the Cultist armor set, and lots more to the multiplayer experience of the game.

The three maps included in the pack include Empyrian, Boneyard, and Outbreak. According to Bethesda, in Empyrian players will “fight in an ageless Colosseum held aloft by opposing energies, as the gilded battlements slowly crumble.” In Boneyard, players “Battle in the outer realm of Hell, where the landscape is made entirely of demon flesh, teeth, and bone.” Lastly, in the Outbreak map, players can “engage in intense combat throughout a UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment.”

Doom Bloodfall also brings the Spectre Pinky, which is a new playable demon, as well as the new Grenade Launcher, which is a UAC-banned weapon which can be used to bank grenades off walls and deal area damage. Other notable new arrivals in this pack include:

3 new Hack Modules:

  • Extra Protection
  • Gain Extra Armor per Health Pickup
  • Augmented Healing
  • Gain Extra Health per Health Pickup
  • Glory Sight
  • Highlight enemies that can be Glory Killed from farther away

New Equipment:

  • Lateral Thrusters – Dodge enemy fire and add a third, mid-air jump with this equipment item that provides short directional boosts to your movement
  • 4 new Cultist themed armor sets
  • 15 new customization patterns and colors

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