Bethesda announces free upgrades coming for Fallout 4, new $30 Season Pass

Vu Anh Nguyen

Fallout 4

Following exciting news of Bethesda’s recently-unveiled 4th iteration of legendary game franchise, Fallout, the company has published a new blog post today to discuss its future plans for Fallout 4 post-launch regarding updates, mods and downloadable content (DLC.)
The blog post declared that Fallout 4 is entering its “final month of development,” which should excite fans and gamers who fell in love with the massive world and freedom in Bethesda’s previous offerings, including Fallout 3 and Skyrim. In fact, following its success with Skyrim, Bethesda seems to be using the same regular free update model for its upcoming game, which will include “not just fixes, but new features” that are requested by its community, as implied in the post.

Fallout 4 was announced in E3 2015, and is coming to the Xbox One

Bethesda is also planning to release its official mods creation tool for Fallout 4 “early next year,” promising modability for every part of the game, and community sharing features. The mods will also be working on Xbox One, with compability for PS4 coming after, which should be greatly appreciated by its fan on consoles. Pricing on the Season Pass for Fallout 4 that grants access to all of its DLCs in the future was also announced: $30 for the whole package; the content of those DLCs, however, has yet to be decided.
With the releasing date nearing and commitment to additional content and community support abound, Fallout 4 is shaping to be a new high in Bethesda’s epic roster of successes, and a classic to be enjoyed by gamers for years to come.