Beta Collectors: A number of pre-JTP Windows 10 builds have leaked

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

For the few beta collectors out there that still exist, a number of pre-JTP builds ranging from 9925 all the way down to 9907 and maybe even further have leaked. The leak is thanks to Microsoft (accidentally?) placing the ESDs of these builds on a publicly downloadable Windows Update server.

These builds include no new features, meaning they really aren’t interesting unless you’re a beta collector. The ESDs were found in a number of SKUs and architectures, and a number of different languages were found too.

Sadly, the exploit has now been patched meaning the ESDs are no longer available, nothing past 9926 was obtained either. So now people have them, I suspect they’ll be posted all over the web. As per usual, we will not be linking directly to the downloads.