BestBuy offering $200 to $350 for your old Surface RT or Surface Pro in new trade-in program


Microsoft Surface Pro

In preparation of the upcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch, BestBuy has launched a new trade-in program that offers a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $350 for your old Surface RT or Surface Pro device. Microsoft’s Recycle For Rewards program also offers a gift card for trading in your device, although the amount varies.

BestBuy actually has a quote calculator for all trade-in devices and here is the breakdown of what is offered just for the Surface:

BestBuy will offer you a BestBuy gift card for $150 if your Surface RT 32GB is in good condition. $105 and $67.50 if the device is in fair or poor condition, respectively. The Surface RT 64GB will get you a trade-in value of $175 if in good condition, and $122 or $78.95 if in fair or poor condition. The Surface Pro 64GB can get you $315 in good condition, $220.50 in fair condition and $141.75 in poor condition. The 128GB model will get you the most money if its in good condition, totaling $350. If the device is in fair condition, you can get $245. $157.50 for poor condition.

However, keep in mind that BestBuy is offering a minimum of $200 for a Surface RT or Surface Pro device and a maximum of $350 thanks to this limited time promotion. So if your Surface RT is given a value of $150 from the quote calculator, you will still get $200. Keep the above price quotes as a guideline but keep in mind that you can score between $200 to $350 for your Surface.

BestBuy will offer you a whopping $0 if either devices are not working. This program started October 6th and ends October 21st, which is the day before the new Surface devices are set to hit retail. If you are looking for some money for your first-generation Surface device, this is an option. Check out the program details here.