Best Buy offering the Surface RT 32GB for $199 during Black Friday


Best Buy offering the Surface RT 32GB for 99 during Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us and for those that didn’t know, this is the day after Thanksgiving when everyone loves to go shopping for some cool sales. It appears that Best Buy will be no stranger to Black Friday and Microsoft’s Surface RT, as the company will be offering the Surface RT for $199 as part of the Black Friday extravaganza.

The Surface RT 32GB is priced at $199 and is valid from November 28th to the 30th and the keyboard (Touch/Type covers) are sold separately. The regular price for this device is $349, according to the Microsoft Store. You can check out the Best Buy Black Friday ad here.

To refresh your memory, the Surface RT 32GB features a resolution of 1366 x768 and 2GB RAM. The device comes pre-installed with Office 2013 and you can even have Outlook RT if you upgrade to Windows RT 8.1.

Just recently, Microsoft revealed that the Surface RT was simply going to be known as the Surface in an attempt to remove confusion. The Surface 2 is also available for purchase, but this deal only applies to the Surface (Surface RT).

For $199, you cant go wrong! We’re not sure if this device comes pre-installed with Windows RT 8.1, but you can easily do that yourself!

Thanks for the tip, Matt!