Surface Pro 3 now available for pre-order at Best Buy, i5 model ships by June 20th

Hammad Saleem

Surface Pro 3

Best Buy has started taking pre-orders of the new Surface Pro 3 online. The retailer is taking pre-orders of all versions of the Surface Pro 3, but three of them will be released in August as per the Best Buy product listing. Currently, only the i5 models will ship by June 20th.

The base model and the ones powered by the Intel i7 chipset are expected to arrive by August 31st, which is the launch date for the rest of the world. Microsoft also began the pre-orders of the device, and it’s currently showing the same shipment dates for the models on its website. In addition, the retailer is also selling the Type covers for Surface Pro 3, due to ship by June 20th for $129.99. 

Here’s the complete pricing and release dates for the new Surface Pro 3 as per Best Buy:

  • 64GB i3 Surface Pro 3 – $799.99 by August 31
  • 128GB i5 Surface Pro 3 – $999.99 by June 20
  • 256GB i5 Surface Pro 3 – $1,299.99 by June 20
  • 256GB i7 Surface Pro 3 – $1,549.99 by August 31
  • 512GB i7 Surface Pro 3 – $1,949.99 by August 31

Surface Pro 3 rocks a 12-inch display sporting a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels, and comes with the 4th generation Intel chipset with various configuration options. The 64/128GB models features 4GB of RAM while the 256/512GB ones boasts 8GB. The tablet runs the latest Windows 8.1 as its operating system, 5MP front and back facing cameras, USB 3.0 port, microSD card reader, headphone jack, as well as a mini display port for external monitors.

Best Buy is also offering an exclusive Dark Blue Type Cover as well. This specific color is only available in international markets alongside Purple, Cyan, Red, and Black. However, in the US, the Dark Blue is a BestBuy exclusive. 

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