Best Buy and Amazon selling Microsoft Band 2 for as low as $100

Arif Bacchus

Are you in the market for a Microsoft Band 2? If so, then Amazon and Best Buy have got the deal for you! The prices on the Microsoft fitness band continue to fall, and some online retailers are selling the Microsoft Band 2 for as little as $100 (via

All versions of the Band 2 are on sale at Best Buy for $99.99, which is $150 less than Microsoft’s original price of $249.99. On the other hand, Amazon has dropped the prices on various editions on the Band 2, although they all appear to be temporarily out of stock. The small Band 2 is now $140 dollars on the online retail giant, the medium Band 2 is going for $148 dollars, and the large Band 2 has been reduced to $179 dollars in price.

The reduction in price could possible signal that Microsoft may be making moves to clear our inventory of the older generation of the fitness device ahead of the rumored Microsoft Band 3. Nonetheless, the Microsoft Band 2 is jam packed with a variety of sensors, including a both a UV and heart rate sensor, galvanic skin sensor, pedometer, sleep tacking technology and much more! So, be sure to head over to our Microsoft Band news hub to stay up to date with all the Microsoft Band news and information!