Top Windows Phone apps as of Dec 22nd, Instagram still leads the list of top free apps

Hammad Saleem

Top Windows Phone apps as of Dec 22nd, Instagram still leads the list of top free apps

It’s Sunday, and you know what it means, it’s time to look at the most popular Windows Phone applications for the week ending December 22nd. Among the list of top free applications, Instagram is still on the top spot followed by Xbox Video, Facebook, Kik Messenger and Xbox Music. In the top-paid list, facebook (third party app), facebook (another third party app), Cal, MoliPlayer Pro and Kirik Settings are the top-five applications.

Let’s just start with the free list. The list has a few changes this week, and you may notice inclusion of some new applications. Instagram continues to dominate the free applications category for the second week — it managed to claim to top spot last week as well. During the week, the application received a few updates and introduced some new features, including the ability to tag other people in photos, along with the usual bug fixes and enhancements. Facebook has lost the second spot to Xbox Video, which was released for Windows Phone this past week. As a result, Kik Messenger is also down to the fourth spot, but there are other changes in the list as well. Xbox Music bumps Pandora down to the sixth position with Twitter’s Vine still in the top-ten.

You’ll also notice some changes in the top-paid category. The top two spots are taken by third-party Facebook applications and both come with a $0.99 price tag. Well, it could be due to the fact that they are offering better functionality and features compared to the official Facebook application which is free. We also saw the third party Facebook application last week in the best paid apps category, and it seems a new third-party Facebook application has made its way to the Windows Phone Store carrying a similar price tag. Among the top-five list, you’ll also find Cal, which made its debut in the Windows Phone Store recently. The application costs $1.99 and is one of the best calendar applications available on the platform. It syncs with Outlook, Gmail and Facebook, and displays all the urgent appointments, meetings and birthdays with an easy-to-use interface.

Another interesting list is the New+Rising. The top two spots are captured by Amtrack and GoToMeeting. Amtrack is an application released by National Railroad Passenger Corporation that gives users the ability to buy train tickets, show eTickets when onboard, save tickets to phone calendar and more. 

In the best-rated category, Flixster and Camera360 continue to own the ranks. Flixster allows users to find out everything going on in the box office, movie trailers, reviews and more. On the other hand, Camera360 is one of the most popular camera applications, giving users the ability to add a variety of effects, photo editing tools, six different camera modes, and more, all within a single application.

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