More confirmation of an upcoming Lumia flagship: GFXBench spots a 5.2" hex-core phone

Sean Michael

Lumia 930

Benchmark performance measuring site GFXbench has a page with information on a device labeled “Nokia RM-1106.” While there has been no official announcement of a successor to the Lumia 930, many are speculating that these benchmark tests are for the rumored ‘Lumia 940′ which if real could have another name.

The specifications in these benchmark tests are quite similar to the rumored specifications that have been spotted on other sites for what many believe is Microsoft’s next flagship device.

Nokia RM-1106 benchmarks

Specifically, the 5.2 inch display lines up with rumors surrounding the device codenamed ‘Talkman.’ Other specs such as the hexa core CPU, 17MP rear camera,  4.8MP front camera, and 27GB of storage are similar as well though not identical. Neowin points out that the storage being smaller than the rumored 32GB is likely due to the OS taking up space.  NokiaPowerUser is reporting some clarifications on these benchmarks as well, specifically that the 1.5GB of RAM refers to free space when the test was performed, that the screen resolution refers to a crop, and that the 17MP rear camera benchmark is due to the 4:3 ratio.

Again, there’s no official confirmation of this device from Microsoft and as such there’s no expected release date. It seems unlikely that they would release a major flagship device with Windows 8.1 rather than Windows 10 but that’s speculation not fact.

It’s been reported that Windows 10 for desktops and tablets is on track to RTM this summer but that Windows 10 Mobile will not be released at the same time. If that is the case, and this device won’t be released until Windows 10 Mobile arrives – again speculation – it could be awhile until anyone will see this device in stores.