Beam partnership now requires more followers and active viewers

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft's Beam Video Game Streaming Service

Microsoft’s video game streaming service, Beam, has just changed its requirements for users wishing to apply for Beam partnership. Previously, Beam users only had to have 300 account followers and 30 active users in their stream’s chatroom but both of these numbers have now increased to 750 and 50 respectively.

The quality of a streamer will also remain an important aspect of Beam partnership consideration. “We’re still reviewing every single application,” the official statement reads. “Looking for the best streamers to represent and help foster our community’s positive and welcoming culture. We’re still interviewing every new Partner personally.”

In addition to the partnership requirement changes, Beam also announced plans to begin promoting partners directly in the Xbox One Community Calendar app and on the main Xbox One dashboard however no specifics were provided.

Microsoft purchased Beam in 2016 in an attempt to compete with the incredibly popular Twitch streaming service. In the months since the purchase, Microsoft has implemented Beam streaming directly into the Xbox One and Windows 10 operating systems and has also released a new app for Xbox One and updated its iOS and Android apps. A new app for Windows phones was initially planned but that appears to have been delayed indefinitely.

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