BBM and GT Racing 2 for Windows Phone updated, with bug fixes and 512MB device support

Hammad Saleem


Not too long ago, Blackberry removed the “beta” tag from BBM for Windows Phone, making it available as a stable release for all users. The company has focused on the app seriously, and introduced several new features on rival operating systems. Just after a few days of launching the stable version, Blackberry has pushed an update for BBM for Windows Phone, bumping it to version

The update is not a very big one, and doesn’t introduce any new features, but it fixes a bug related to acceptance of SMS invitations. This shows how serious the company is about the app, which may play a role in reviving the company.

It’s not just BBM. Gameloft’s GT Racing 2 also picked up update which introduces support for devices with 512MB of RAM. When the game launched on the platform, it came for support with devices featuring 1GB of RAM or more.

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the updated apps.