BBC website outage easily preventable according to on-demand IT provider Star


London, United Kingdom – 30 March 2011 – Star, a provider of on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses, today claimed a major outage that last night caused a total blackout of all BBC websites for an hour between 11pm and 12am could easily have been prevented with the right infrastructure monitoring services in place.

The BBC incident is the latest example of the kind of event that befalls businesses every day. Most will typically spend 70 per cent of their annual IT budget just to keep their operations running. Star customers, however, benefit from services based on an advanced Cloud-computing platform that focus on prevention rather than cure thereby reinforcing their resilience to technical problems when they arise.

According to Ricky Hudson, CEO at Star: “It’s surprising that what seems to be a relatively minor DNS issue has caused such a major outage at the BBC. Ensuring that you have 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure is essential. For medium sized businesses it is critical that online services delivered through the public or a private cloud are available when they are needed by staff and customers. Our customers tell us that after security, uptime is critical to the smooth running of their business and that’s why we proactively monitor their online applications and web infrastructure so that if the worst does happen it doesn’t impact the on-going services that they offer to their customers.”