BBC Newsnight takes an exclusive backstage look at Microsoft’s AI research labs

Kit McDonald

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Did you know that Microsoft has a research building that utilizes much of its AI technology built into the everyday workplace? David Grossman, the technology editor for BBC, paid a visit to Microsoft’s AI labs in Seattle with an exclusive look.

AI has made some giant leaps in the last couple of years. Ignoring the fact that publicly consumed chatbots like Tay and Zo have had some questionable events, artificial intelligence has reached some significant achievements. After all, what human could beat Ms. Pac Man’s high score?

AI also powers the cognitive technologies that process images based on its context as quickly as the human eye can. Facial recognition has become widely accepted with Windows Hello. But like any other technological advancement, even the Microsoft Researchers worry about it being in the wrong hands.

In the video, researcher Eric Horvitz expressed that even as AI could be used by “malevolent forces”, but that the AI would also be one of the best defense in detecting these ill intentions. Of course, AI and bots can only learn what the world puts into them, as evident from Zo’s recent outburst about the Qur’an being “very violent”.

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