Battlefield 3 PC has been leaked

Zac Bowden

One of the most anticipated games of 2011 has been leaked onto numerous torrenting websites. The game leaked is Battlefield 3, with reports of the campaign working flawlessly.

The version leaked is the full version of the game, it includes Campaing, Multiplayer and anything else the game is going to include. The download is 10GB in size and is available to download on all the popular torrenting websites. The leaked version is in Russian but can apparently be changed to other languages such as Spanish and English.

This obviously leads us into speculation on whether the leak originated in Russia. DICE is yet to comment on the issue, hopefully this leak doesn’t hurt the company since no one likes to be a pirate. Battlefield 3 has earned over 1.5 million pre-orders so this shouldnt hurt the company one bit.

Battlefield 3 just recently came out of Beta, the beta was played by millions of players on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The beta only included one map and game type, unlike the leaked full version of the game.

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