Battlefield 3 Beta stats released, over 8 million testers participated


With the recent leak of Battlefield 3, it’s no surprise that this game is highly anticipated by the gaming community. The developers of the game have released some statistics regarding the open beta, which has now since concluded. More than 8 million gamers gave the beta a try!

DICE and EA seem to be pleased about the aftermath of the Battlefield 3 open beta. The developers are already planning a Day One Patch, so its safe to assume that most of the bugs in the beta were squashed after 8 million players gave the open beta a shot.

The PC version of the game was recently leaked, which included the Campaing, Multiplayer, and anything else the game is going to include. The download is 10GB in size and is available to download on all the popular torrenting websites. The leaked version is in Russian but can apparently be changed to other languages such as Spanish and English.

Image credit: GamePro